Windows 11 launch and leaks: Expected features

Windows 11 has been in the news recently, not because of its launch, but because of a major leak that allowed people to check out the new operating system ahead of time. 

Windows 11

On June 24, Microsoft had been preparing to discuss "the next generation of Windows." 

However, a spate of leaks has wrecked that: first, a few screenshots appeared on China's Baidu website, and then the Windows 11 ISO was leaked online shortly after.

Many individuals have obtained the ISO file, and information on the Windows 11 operating system is now widely available. 

According to what we've discovered, Windows 11 has a new user interface, a new start menu, a new taskbar design, and more.

The redesigned Start Menu and interface are similar to what we have seen in Windows 10X. 

The most noticeable aesthetic changes are in the taskbar area, where program icons have been centred, a new square Windows logo has been added, and the app tray has been cleaned up.

But they are only a handful of the features that Windows 11 is anticipated to include.

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