Because of the upcoming 3-digit versions, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers may fail to load websites.

Three of the world's most popular web browsers, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, are approaching version 100. While reaching the century should be a reason for celebration, numerous websites are worried about how they will cope with the triple-digit version numbers, which they feel would be illegible. Some websites are unable to read triple-digit user-agent strings, which might cause problems. This is the identification that a web browser sends to the website being visited, allowing the appropriate version of the website to be provided to the browser.

A number of websites have been set up to only read two-digit sequences up to 99. If a web browser transmits the version '100' to such a website, it may be unable to display certain information or become altogether inaccessible. According to Mozilla's web development team, "it's possible that certain parser libraries have hard-coded assumptions or faults that don't take three-digit major version numbers into account." They do, however, point out that the parsing mechanism for website libraries improved when browsers went from single to two-digit versions. 

These libraries recognize web browsers and provide content tailored to individual browsers and versions. Google developers have been assessing websites for possible problems since November, when Chrome 96 and subsequent versions of the browser included a feature flag option that tagged itself as version 100 to websites. The version 40 of the Chrome web browser is the cut-off point. Simultaneously, web browsers should be able to identify themselves as version 99 until a fix is issued on incompatible websites, according to developers.

If a site fails on a domain with a major version of 100, Mozilla thinks it is possible to fix it by providing version 99 instead. According to the code's documentation, "this is a fallback method in case there are substantial compatibility difficulties with a three-digit major version." After everything is said and done, you may have some issues with certain websites you use on a daily basis in the days after the Chrome, Edge, and Firefox version 100 updates.

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