PUBG Mobile 2 Launch Soon Next Week - Not confirmed in India

PUBG Mobile 2 may be released, a tipster has claimed, as soon as next week. In September 2020, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in India, citing security concerns because of the origin of the game's Chinese developer. 

PUBG Mobile 2

The South Korean company Krafton, which took over publishing duties for the game in India from the Chinese company Tencent, is reportedly developing PUBG Mobile 2. There has not been an official word from the developers as of now, so this data should be taken with a pinch of salt.

A tipster with the pseudonym PlayerIGN (not affiliated with IGN) tweeted that next week PUBG Mobile 2 could be released. The tipster also shared that the game will be set in 2051 and will bring futuristic weapons, gadgets, and a new map, citing a deleted Weibo post. 

It is going to be released on Android and iOS, apparently. At next week's PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 tournament, Krafton, who is said to be developing the game, is expected to make an announcement.

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile was banned by the government in India along with 117 other applications and eventually deleted from Google Play and the App Store. Owing to the presence of the Chinese company Tencent, privacy and security issues have contributed to the ban of the game and other applications in India. 

Since then, Krafton – a division of PUBG Company – has been attempting to get the game back to India. The company revealed PUBG Mobile India in November last year, which was touted as "coming soon" but has not yet been released.

While the fate of India's rumoured PUBG Mobile 2 is uncertain, news about its release may bring some hope to the country's game fans, particularly those who expressed their dislike of Google Play's FAU-G, the Indian action game that was announced right after the banning of PUBG Mobile.

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