to takes on Google Search Engine, a new search engine founded by Richard Socher, the former Salesforce chief scientist, is buzzing as it seeks to take on advertising-dependent Google and other search engines.

The organisation notes that the search engine would not focus on revenue advertisements and is constructed to optimise specific search results using automated natural language processing.

Privacy monitors, legit feedback, and detailed AI-driven data will allegedly be included.

The search website is officially live and is accepting early access registrations. The website notes that it has privacy controls to allow people to configure their surfing experience and that it will never sell your information to advertisers or follow you around the rest of the Internet."

It also states that faster results will be provided to users, with actual results prioritised overpaid material. will also have trustworthy feedback from actual people and experts, aside from no advertisements and an AI-driven search platform, to let its users know the pros and cons of goods.

As of now, for everyday individuals to check out there is no clarification about whether can come out of the beta testing period and open commercially. is simply a search engine that offers information that has been searched for by people.

Google, though is a centre-based search engine and other products such as Gmail, Android, YouTube and more are strengthening its reach.

About a billion search requests are also received every day by Google. Reaching Google's success rate would not be easy for, but it might thrive as a niche search engine like DuckDuckGo.

We still don't know whether a custom crawler can be used by for logging the global internet. Or it will use some other technique for logging.

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