YouTube to run ads without sharing revenue on any videos from creators

YouTube will be able to run more advertisements on any of the creator's videos according to the revised YouTube Terms of Service effective from November 18, 2020. 

But it will not share with the developers the portion of the profits generated. This is because they are not large enough to be enrolled in the Affiliate Scheme with these small developers.

In the new terms of service, YouTube confirmed that without signing up for YouTube's Monetization scheme, also known as a Partner programme, it can now play advertisements on the content of smaller developers. 

Before that, only those developers who were members of the YouTube Affiliate Network were used by YouTube to run advertisements. And there were just big creators with a fixed threshold of high count and view hours for subscribers.

A maker should have a minimum of 4,000 public watch hours and 1000 viewers over the previous 12 months to become a member of the YouTube Affiliate Network and thereby monetise the channel.

For YouTube and its parent firm, Alphabet, advertisement is a major earner. From the advertisements themselves, a massive chunk of revenue is generated. Google generated about $5 billion in advertising in the last quarter. To get their share, creators still rely on ad revenue. 

Today, without splitting the money with other content owners in the meantime, YouTube would be able to run more advertising on its website. Several developers have retained the ad-free channel on purpose. 

Through these recent updates, though, YouTube will run commercials and hamper the ad-free environment that the developer wishes to offer the viewers.

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