Twitter's latest "Super Followers" feature would encourage users to charge for their tweets.

Twitter has finally launched a new tool named "Super Follows," which encourages users to charge their followers for extra content such as subscriber-only newsletters, views, promotions, and discounts.

Twitter showed an example in a screenshot where a user pays $4.99 per month to gain a set of benefits. It is used by Twitter as a means of encouraging creators and authors to be paid directly by their followers.

This subscription-based model was long overdue, as Twitter users have consistently claimed that it will provide the business with new revenue streams, as well as play an important role in regions where Google and Facebook have their own duopoly.

With this news, netizens couldn't resist making memes about it, with some pointing out that Twitter's free status is a myth, while others were sarcastically mocking it by using the meme template "why is Twitter free?"

Twitter has introduced Communities, a recent tool that aims to be identical to Facebook Community. People will shape and enter communities based on personal interests, such as cats or plants, according to Twitter, which will allow them to see more tweets on those subjects.

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