For Rs 749, Reliance Jio would have unlimited voice calls and 4G data for a year.

On Friday, Reliance Jio unveiled the JioPhone 2021 bid, which breathed new life into its JioPhone user base. For some background, the JioPhone was published in 2017. 

All current JioPhone customers will be eligible for unrestricted voice calls and 4G data benefits for a year by paying Rs 749 as part of the new deal. They would not need to recharge their batteries again.

The JioPhone 2021 bid, which will launch on March 1, will be open to all new and current JioPhone 4G ‘smart' feature phone customers. 

With a one-time recharge of Rs 749, someone who already has a JioPhone will get unrestricted voice calls and 2GB 4G data every month for a year.

In the meantime, new consumers will choose between two types of JioPhone 2021 bid options, one with a two-year validity and the other with one-year validity. The two-year validity option is priced at Rs 1,999, while the one-year validity option is priced at Rs 1,499. 

Every month, all packages will provide unrestricted phone calls and 2GB of 4G storage. In addition, all packages would contain a new JioPhone handset at no added cost.

"There are still 300 million subscribers in India who remain ‘trapped’ in the 2G era, unable to access basic features of the internet, at a time, when the world stands at the cusp of a 5G revolution. Since the last 4 years, Jio has democratized internet and passed on the benefits of technology to every Indian. Technology no longer remains a privilege of a select few," Akash Ambani, Director, Reliance Jio said in a statement. "The new JioPhone 2021 offer is another step in that direction. At Jio, we have and will continue to take bold steps to eradicate this digital divide and welcome every Indian to join this movement."

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