In India, Disney+ Booms, where subscribers pay $20 a year or less,

The amount most customers spend is what is less staggering: still, the premium package is just $20 a year. That's a fraction of the $70 that U.S. clients are paying out and highlighting the company's struggle as it brings the subscription network to more nations. 

Disney+'s success, which started a year ago, has far surpassed the aspirations of both Wall Street and the business itself.

It was a bright spot in the new quarterly earnings from Disney, published on Thursday. Yet keeping up with the speed would require tapping markets with less power to invest.

Even at a comparatively low price per subscriber, if you have enough sheer volume, you can make it work, said David Heger, an analyst at Edward Jones.

With a network called Disney+ Hotstar, a rebranded site born from a business purchased from Fox last year the company serves India and Indonesia. Today, 18.4 million Disney+ viewers serve those two developed countries.

On April 3 in India, Hotstar was rechristened with the Disney+ branding. The product was launched in September in Indonesia. As the streaming network had 33.5 million users worldwide at the end of March, during the last six months, the two countries accounted for about half of the new customers.

India has the potential to become Disney+'s biggest market, with its large population, Heger said.

The potential is significant when you look at a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, he said. In Indonesia, an extra 270 million people live.

Hotstar was first introduced as an ad-supported service in 2015, and a premium component was later added. It includes movies, athletics and TV programmes. The company described itself as having over 300 million monthly active users prior to its launch earlier this year.

Three tiers of service were launched by Disney in April: cheap, VIP and premium. The VIP edition costs 399 rupees a year or around $5.40 and includes live sports, Indian movies and Disney films dubbed in local languages. The paid edition, containing originals from Disney+ and material from the English language, charges $4 a month or $20 a year.

Disney said that its total Disney+ subscriber income is $4.52 a month. Take out the cheaper Hotstar plans for Disney+, and the average leaps to $5.30 a month.

Cricket matches are a major draw for Disney+ in India, unlike in the U.S. The India Premier League's new season helped push subscriptions last quarter, Disney said Thursday.

Paying for these rights has posed its own challenge to pricing. In the third quarter of last year, Disney's Indian media company reported a loss of $60 million due to increasing cricket costs.

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